Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project Euler Problem 25

Lau Jensen had put up another nice post. I am sure it was just for fun, and not really, really comparing all the three languages.

Anyways heres my solution to the same Euler Problem no. 25

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Decapitalize and barf-string!!!

I have been working with Third Party API providers at work and I must say I am utterly disappointed with them. The API sends various arbitrary strings which we do not want to display and store. Hence wrote a few sanitizing functions, had fun writing them, and since i wanted to name a function starting with goes

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clojure and Lazy Evaluation

This is not a post trying to explain Lazy Evaluation!! I was doing some problems from Project Euler while learning Clojure when its beauty dawned upon me. Here's my code

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Desk in Office

My Desk in Office
Originally uploaded by adityod
My Cool Setup in Office, have this nice 19 inch widescreen monitor (1440x900) to run only emacs, the rest is run on my laptop screen, i.e Firefox, Alpine, Irssi and Finch. Happy Development!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

dot emacs and github

Git has become quite popular as distributed code revision tool. I have been a long time SVN user, and i thought why not give Git a try. github is a site that provides a free plan to host public git repositories. They have various plans(paid), but i guess the free one works best for me. Finally i shall keep my dot emacs under revision control.

There's excellent help on the git website, especially for svn user's

My public clone url

git clone git://

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Xft Goodness

I currently use an imac at work, and will have to say the fonts and rendering on OSx are absolutely stunning. I simply cannot work on my Linux box after a long days work staring at a Mac screen. I had to do something about this, and so when i updated to Ubunty Hardy Heron i Googled around to see if i could get Xft support for Emacs. The awesome EmacsWiki page for Xft told me that if i had Hardy emacs came with Xft support inbuilt. So it was just a matter of
 sudo apt-get install emacs-snapshot-gtk 
 echo "Emacs.font: Monospace-10" > .Xresources 

Presto!! Emacs with all the Xft goodness.

Below is a screenshot of my current system with Emacs and urxvt also with Xft enabled.

Update 1/12/2008:
My imac has crashed..switched to Ubuntu Hardy on an IBM R60..sigh!!

My first post

Hello there, this is my second first post!! My second attempt at blogging. The blog template has been modified since i didnt like the one that Google provided and the free ones available were just not to my liking..